Cornwall Against Water Meters

Cornwall Against Water Meters

June 5, 2022
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Are you from Cornwall Ontario a already highly taxed city? In 2022 property taxes went up by 2.9%  and now the city wants to install water metres on your property. 

Now the city of Cornwall want to make your life more expensive with water taxation. Each time you run your type of water you will be charged for it that also includes running your shower, bathing your children, or even using your dish washer. Why should A family have to take a penalty when they run the top of water? Who will pay for these water meters?

It’s simple the next generation will have to pay for these water meters. It will cost the  city millions and millions of dollars to install these water metres. We are easily talking about over $10 million. Now what will happen when people use less water consumption? The city will increase the water rate therefore people will not be getting ahead, in fact they will be paying more taxes.

Coming out of COVID people are already suffering when it comes to inflation. People are getting killed at the gas pumps, having a hard time putting food on on the table, people are been having a hard time paying their everyday bills. Sign the petition today !

Here are property tax comparison between other cities. This doesn’t include water taxes. 

Lowest property taxes 2021 

Toronto 0.61% 

Markham 0.63%

Richmond Hill / Vaughan 0.65% 
Ottawa 1% 

Highest property tax 2021

Cornwall 1.68% 
Brockville 1.46%

Kingston 1.36% 

CORNWALL, Ontario – Cornwall City Council passed the 2022 municipal budget at a special meeting on Wednesday, Jan. 26 with a tax rate increase of 2.9 per cent or $78.03 for a home valued at 176,907 for a total average residential tax bill of 2,769.06 for 2022.

If you are against water metres and know Friends or family that are against them as well please sign this petition so we can have our voice heard. Remember city Council has to consult with their constituents. City Council work for the taxpayers and they must be reminded that.

Petition Closed

This petition had 30 supporters

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