Partial Tuition Refund for Spring Semester 2020

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The students of Cornish College of the Arts are entitled to partial tuition reimbursement for the artistic education that we are unable to receive due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Without access to the resources, tools, and spaces that we the students pay tuition in order to use for our education, we are unable to receive the full potential of our education. This equates to almost two entire months of educational opportunities lost, educational opportunities that were promised and expected to receive when we agreed to pay Cornish's tuition costs. This is not to mention the impact of cancelling graduation and commencement ceremonies has had on the seniors who have worked diligently and paid years worth of tuition to Cornish expecting to receive not only the education but also the respect and acknowledgement of their school. In light of the pandemic and the educational boundaries that have been caused by it's impact, we are calling upon Cornish College of the Arts to reimburse back to each student the percentage of tuition paid for the artistic education we are no longer able to receive in Spring 2020.