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Corning Community College offers a How-to-Frack Class

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   Corning Community College surely wants to have a good reputation in the community as promoting higher education and additionally "the College community has enhanced its efforts to adopt energy efficient, environmentally sustainable practices."

Promoting the disaster that is Hydrofracking; exempt from Clean Air Act, Safe Drinking Water Act and Superfund Laws that are designed to protect people and our environment from exactly this type of industrial activity, Corning Community College IS NOT AT ALL IN LINE WITH THE GREATER MISSION OF THE COLLEGE.

"Step Up To A Sustainable Tomorrow" CCC!


The class offered:

Natural Gas Training

This 72-hour training provides individuals with the basic skills needed to apply for entry-level positions within the natural gas industry.

Training will provide development in: overview of the natural gas industry, rig-set up and rig components, drilling / fracking process, on-site rig tour, OSHA 10 and Red Cross certification."


There is so much misformation being taught with this hydrofracking process, not only is there a beautiful sunset attached to the image for CCC's Frack class promotion, but the picture is of an old school grasshopper style OIL well. The advertisement from the "experts" teaching about hydrofracking, do not even know what type of well is being used? How professional!

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