Narcan Training to Save Lives

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Opiod use has afflicted the CCC campus behind the scenes for too long. Now the epidemic has reared its ugly head with two overdoses, resulting in a death and severe health problems. The students, faculty, and administration could prevent further deaths from occurring on the campuses of CCC. We would like to see CCC Public Safety carry Narcan, seeing they are trained in its use, and we would like to see the RA's of CCC's Dorm to be trained in the use of Narcan and have it readily available for use in case of future opiod overdoses. We would also like to see Narcan training available to the student body of CCC. There are agencies that are willing and able to provide Narcan training FREE OF CHARGE to any that want it!!! We cannot fix the tragedy that has already occurred, but WE CAN help prevent further deaths from occurring on our campus.  Please sign this petition, so that we can make a lifesaving drug and training available to Corning Community College's students, faculty, staff, and administration.