Give Back, Cornell

Give Back, Cornell

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Ri Bornstein started this petition to Cornell University President Martha Pollack and the Cornell Board of Trustees

1) Bad Science

Cornell’s reactivation plan is based on bad science.  The Cornell model predicting what will happen during a full re-opening misrepresents how quickly and how far flung COVID 19 spreads when it is heavily introduced into a particular region. 

As an example, in their model Cornell claims that each student who tests positive for the virus will only spread COVID 19 to one or two other people before they are tested and quarantined. This extraordinary claim to contain, for thousands and thousands of students living communally, goes against the findings of the W.H.O and the C.D.C. 

No other scientific institution in the world claims they can contain COVID 19 this quickly and this accurately.  It is not possible. 

2) Public Endangerment with No Investment


Cornell is developing their own COVID 19 test.  Although they acknowledge that their current plan for re-opening will spread the virus to the broader community, they have made no mention to date of what resources, the test included, the school will make available to community members who contract COVID 19 as a result. 

The university is using the region and its residents as a clinical trial population for their new COVID 19 test.

3) Ready to Be Re-Directed to Do the Right Thing

Cornell has immense resources to conduct a re-opening with dignity and care, as regional residents have conducted themselves thus far during the crisis (with no deaths to date due to the virus).
Their current plan must be re-directed to include:

Consulting with regional primary care, mental health, and community health organizations about the capacity of the region.
Constructing a field hospital to accommodate the spread of the virus in the region as a result of thousands of students returning. 
Investing in the resilience of the community, including their students to the virus, by committing to matching the operating budgets of the regional health, service and community building organizations that sustain our regions’ good health and natural environment. 

0 have signed. Let’s get to 200!
At 200 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!