Cornell Feline Health Center: Honor Rhoda Hogan's 2007 $125,000 Bequest &Condemn Declawing

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Dear Cornell Feline Health Center,

We, the undersigned, ask you (Cornell) to honor the terms of Rhoda Hogan’s $125,000 anti-declawing bequest that you were awarded in 2007.

Rhoda A. Hogan wanted her bequest to go to, “An organization to be used to publicize and educate the public about the cruel effect of de-clawing cats and to support legislation forbidding it.”

When asked about this large sum of money, Cornell said that they made these 6 short, simple videos for $100,000. However, the behaviorist for the shelter medicine program who wrote all the material for these videos and narrated them, told us, "I don't even remember if I was paid to do the videos but if I was it was only a few hundred dollars for my time. We did the video in two days."

Either Cornell paid someone else $99,700 for these videos or Cornell used that money for something else.

Cornell still hasn't used Mrs Hogan's remaining $25,500.

(Here is a link to these short and simple videos. Cornell Rhoda Hogan Videos

Here is a link to the videos on YouTube where each video has around 100 views (Feb 2018)-

Could these videos possibly have cost $100,000 like Cornell claims? If you believe not, please sign our petition in the name of Rhoda A. Hogan who wanted the organization that accepted her money, Cornell, to help end declawing.

Cornell didn't support the New York State anti-declawing bill that passed in July 2019.

Cornell declawed cats at their own Cornell Feline Health Animal Hospital up until August 2017. They could have announced it to inspire other vet colleges to stop but they didn't.)

Please send a respectful email to the Director of the Cornell Feline Health Center, Bruce Kornreich, and ask him to tell the truth about what they did with Mrs Hogan's money and why they didn't truly care about her wishes to help end declawing with her large bequest.  Here is his email-

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