Request for Traffic Calming and Road Signs Approaching School Entrance at St Anne's Road

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I wanted to set up this petition to gather support about my concerns about the lack of school warning signs and traffic calming measures on St Marys Road, Par, where the entrance to Biscovey School is at the end of St Annes Road.

With no warning that a school entrance is coming up and no traffic calming measures and a gradual hill, which makes it difficult to see cars coming when trying to cross until they are upon you, it's very dangerous on the School Run.  There are parked cars, moving traffic and parents stopping to drop off their children, along with parents and children crossing the road.  It's very scary to a certain degree for everyone I think and I see this as a recipe for a bad accident one day. There are signs and traffic calming measures coming up to the School entrance in Lamellyn Road but many people use this other entrance because this entrance gets very busy on the School Run.

I emailed CORMAC and Jordan Rowse the local councillor on 26 April 2018 if they would consider a lollipop person or chicanes/sleeping policemen or traffic signs to warn drivers that a school entrance is approaching at St Mary's Road as I'm astounded that nothing is in place already and I said to them if I am told it is due to funding, all I can say is you cannot put a price on children's safety.

I received an email from CORMAC on 3 May 2018 as follows:

"We wouldn’t generally erect new warning signs within a built up urban area where pedestrians are commonplace anyway. Those travelling along St Mary’s Road would predominantly be local road users from the residential area who already know that there is a school ahead, and therefore it seems your concerns may be a case of irresponsible driving or parking more than anything and it is difficult to change such driver behaviours.

In the first instance, we can arrange for a speed monitoring device to be erected in the area, to obtain accurate data on speeds in the area."

I replied to them and said that the speed monitoring device would certainly be a good idea in the first instance, hopefully as a bit of a deterrent, in a similar way to the speed monitoring approaching the school at Grampound.

I take on board that the majority of drivers along St Mary's Road would be local but I don't think you can assume all drivers will be local and, local or not, it can still be very chaotic in the mornings.

But, what we don't want are double yellow lines everywhere because obviously we need to park to drop our children off at school and residents need to park as normal too.

So, what I'm trying to do now is get an idea about what everyone else thinks about this please.  Big school road signs each way and road markings perhaps as it is a school entrance like most places?