Corktown Pub Patio Application

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Hello All - The Corktown Pub is ONLY able to put a Patio on City Owned Property. However City of Hamilton, Ward 2 Councilor Jason Farr is not granting The Corktown permission to use the city's property because of 6 adjacent neighborhood residents that are opposed to the patio. The Corktown Pub is allowed this through the NEW bylaw "as of right". Further, we are being told the councilor is not allowing the Pub to have a patio because it is not in the "Public's Interest". We strongly believe these 6 (or 7) individuals do not represent the public. Fact -  In Hamilton, Ward 2 alone there are 622 active encroachment applications. Corktown Pub's application was the first to be denied in ward 2 since 2014. This includes 22 patios with encroachment agreements approved prior to Corktown's application being denied. Of these approved application. None have had to go before the Public Works Committee to ask for approval except for Corktown Pub.  There are many Adjacent property owners and many members of the community that are in favour of the Patio. These individuals have approached Councilor Jason Farr and asked him to have a "Town Hall" meeting with those opposed so that we can all seek a Compromise. However, as of this date the Councilor has not accepted our request. Again, the Corktown Pub zoning and bylaw allows it have a Patio. The City of Hamilton Staff support the application with the following 16 Staff departments all in FAVOUR of the Patio;

-          Office of the Mayor

-          Development Planning

-          Road Operations

-          Risk Management

-          Development Engineering

-          Community Planning

-          Building/Zoning

-          Hamilton Water

-          Corridor Management

-          Geomatics

-          Forestry

-          Traffic Safety and Operations

-          Public Health Services

-          Transportation Planning

-          Urban Renewal

-          Bell, Union Gas, and Alectra Utilities

16 out of 17 City Staff departments approve of the patio except for the Ward 2 Councilor Jason Farr.

Please sign and support Corktown Pub's bid for a patio. We are hopeful to return after the pandemic but, need your support to continue to operate once we return. Several Live Music Venues have closed in Hamilton - The "City of Music" needs your support. Please Help and Sign our petition. Stay Safe and Healthy.