Don't Move DMV to Belmont Street-No Sex Offenders should be near Child Care Facilities!

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The Warren County Board of Supervisors is in a position to provide a location for the Dept. of Public Safety’s driver’s license office.  Sex offenders are required, by law, to maintain registration at the same office.  They must re verify their registration every 90 days, IN PERSON.

The Board has currently chosen a building that previously housed Ada Lauderdale’s insurance firm.  This building is located at 2000 Drummond Street; it sits on the corner of Drummond and Belmont Streets. 

Two daycare's are located on Belmont Street; one directly borders the building and its property and another daycare is located just down the same street.

The law relevant to sex offenders and registration prohibits two things: one, that registered sex offenders not enter school or daycare property with some exceptions that are listed; and, two, that registered sex offenders not “loiter” within 500 feet of a school or daycare.  See Miss. Code Section 45-33-26 (1)(a)(ii).

The statute defines “loiter” as standing or sitting idly by without a legitimate reason. 

If this location is approved, one can argue that sex offenders have a legitimate reason for being within 500 feet of a daycare – that being to maintain their registration, as required by law. 

Conversely, one can argue the location chosen by the Board conflicts with the legislature’s findings and the purpose of the law by literally requiring that sex offenders be within 500 feet of children:

The Legislature finds that the danger of recidivism posed by criminal sex offenders and the protection of the public from these offenders is of paramount concern and interest to government.  The Legislature further finds that … efforts to protect their communities … are impaired by the lack of information shared with the public …”

Miss. Code Section 45-33-21, titled, “Legislative findings and declaration of purpose.”

Please sign the petition and contact the Board in opposition of this plan (601-634-8073)!