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The Labour controlled Borough Council in Corby is proposing to cut £50,000.00 from the annual budget for Corby's Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs).
Although the Conservative controlled Northamptonshire County Council and the Conservative run Northamptonshire Police are both maintaining the funding that they provide to the PCSOs, the £50,000.00 being withdrawn by Labour is likely to lead to a significant drop in the number of PCSOs on the beat, a decline in the service level provided to the people of Corby and its surrounding villages and a decrease in the level of Police protection given to local people.
This year the Conservative government increased Corby Borough Council's funding by 4%, an uplift of £200,000.00 on the anticipated budget.
The New Team Corby Conservative Group on Corby Borough Council are fighting to save the PCSO service from Labour's cuts and are calling for the increased funding to be used to continue with full PCSO funding.
The New Team Corby Conservatives are also proposing that the annual sum of £175,000.00 currently spent on Councillors' Allowances could be used towards funding the PCSO service.
Through joining this group you are helping to send a clear message to the Labour Party in Corby that they have no right to cut the PCSO service which keeps Corby's hardworking taxpayers safe.
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Letter to
Corby Borough Council
We the undersigned call upon you to end your proposals to cut Corby's PCSO service and to keep the people of Corby Borough safe by continuing to provide the vital funding.