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death of the coral reef

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I personally feel like this is one of the worst issues challenging our planet right now because it is linked to climate change, a more broad and serious issue that I am also very passionate about. The more recent years have been the worst years recorded for reef bleaching. Bleaching is a term which occurs because of ocean water being overheated which results in algae, Corals main source of nutrients, to die off thus, the Coral becomes colorless and their white calcium skeletons are the only things remaining. How can you not be passionate about something so beautiful on its own, let alone accompanied by the amazing aquatic life it inhabits. Along with the death of the coral reef, we would see an extreme decrease in over 1,500 species of fish and six of the world's seven marine sea turtle species. Not only is the coral reef beyond beautiful, it also supplies us with many important medications, including some that could possibly cure cancer. The coral reef also plays a roll as acting like a natural barrier to help shield us from hurricanes, typhoons and tsunamis. Did you know that if you are 15 or younger there is a high chance that within your lifetime you will witness The Great Barrier Reefs full and complete death? Coral reefs are home to at least a quarter of the ocean’s biodiversity. The death of coral reefs will no doubt cause a domino effect to many other ecosystems and the outcome could well be a mass extinction. That dream you've always had to go scuba diving and observe all the beautifully vibrant colored fish may not even be possible by the year of 2050 or earlier if we just sit back and expect this problem to fix itself.

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