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Exempt Austin's disabled and US Vets from the burdens of over-regulation

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In a country that was founded on freedom, local county and city governments demand that we purchase services that we do not want and do not need. Although the intention is to insure proper cleanliness and sanitation, the actual result is strengthening the stranglehold of the utility monopolies that keep us in thrall.

I don't have to tell you that the cost of living is on the rise across the country. Millions of families including veterans, disabled and bankrupted students have been pushed to the brink of poverty because of rising living costs and stagnating wages.

We can't keep up, the cost of living increases but our checks to support us don't. There is alternative living and we can live off the grid, but Texas is one state that doesn't want that.

Austin has utility and real estate monopolies fostered by the local government. It is time for our  local officials and representatives to set aside the needs of utility companies and corrupt real estate moguls, and look out for the little people - particularly those of us ready to do something good  for the environment.

Off the grid living, and using renewable energy is not only an inalienable right its good for the environment.Over the past 10 years the number of people living off the grid has increased by 10% every year in the USA. Today is an age where political, environmental and economic factors are pushing people towards a simple choice of continuing to be reliant upon a system that seems designed to fail or moving out of the cities and trying to be self-sufficient. Our community does not intend to be exiled from a city we have grown to know and love.

Some of us are environmentalist trying to save the world  by generating our own power and growing vegetables, some of us just want to live and let live, but regardless of our reasons, becoming self-sufficient can never be a bad thing. The fact of the matter is that societies can and do change, and we are that change.

It would be a much better idea to become self-reliant sooner rather than later. Energy and food independence markedly decreases the amount of environmental and ecological damage our lifestyles create. There are many environmentalis advocating off-the-grid living as the only way to save the world from resource depletion and pollution.

Those of us who are pioneers deserve your support.


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