Make Mackin skatepark bigger

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Many local skateboarders in Coquitlam have little options in terms of skateparks to go to. We have Mackin, Lafarge, and Victoria skate spot. Both Lafarge and Victoria are on the opposite ends of Coquitlam as Mackin. Due to Mackin feeling small it doesn't bring much skaters in other than the locals. While Mackin was being built the city cut funding and we were left with an uncomplete, crowded park. The locals have been skating here for years and strongly agree we should get what we were originally supposed to. Also lights are a big problem in the winter, the skatepark has two bad lights on either side which don't do much. Our main source of light is from the tennis courts which are far from the actual park. Adding lights to the skatepark would make it safer for the skaters and the public walking through in the darkness. Making Mackin bigger and better would attract more people from all over the Lower Mainland and encourage kids to go outside.

There is a lot of un used space on either side of the skatepark so there is no problem with extending the width of it. Adding lights is also a fairly easy problem to fix and would solve our problems in the winter. Increasing the size and adding lights would make Mackin an incredible park and would be greatly appreciated by the skateboarding community.