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YOU deserve the opportunity to elect the representation you already pay for on Coquitlam City Council!
Your tax dollars pay for the salaries of a Mayor and 8 City Councillors. Coquitlam’s City Budget also includes funds set aside for By-Elections.
As a result of the recent provincial election, TWO Coquitlam City Council seats are now vacant as the successful candidates are now representing us in the provincial legislature as MLAs.
But Premier Christy Clark, who herself is seeking to be elected in a By-Election, has told the newly elected MLAs that rather than resign their Council seats, they should “just take a leave of absence” until January of next year and then resign their seats – leaving important vacancies on our City Council for the next 18 months until the next municipal elections take place!
Your Mayor & City Council are now considering approving the leave of absence requests. If they are approved, Coquitlam residents will be deprived of the opportunity to elect two new voices on City Council - positions that are already paid for and approved in the City Budget.
This will leave SIX City Councillors to do the work of EIGHT! City Council work is very important work and includes addressing the many urgent issues facing our community. City Councillors make the decisions that provide and maintain our basic City services and they have lots of work to do – they serve on Council, run City Committees and ensure efficient and effective use of our tax dollars. They are “the most accessible and responsive level of government” and they are there to listen and respond to you and your concerns. We deserve our full complement of City Councillors in Coquitlam.
On July 8th, your Mayor and City Council is voting to accept or reject the “Leave of Absence” requests that will determine if we will get the opportunity to elect two new City Councillors.
Let the Mayor & City Council know you want a By-Election NOW!

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