Save the Bear Fence

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The Yorke Peninsula Teddy Bear Fence will be destroyed in two weeks.
I announced today on radio that I’d been informed that due to complaints the Teddy Bear Fence between Kulpara and Paskeville that I started two years ago will be pulled down. ���
I started the Teddy Bear Fence two years ago with my daughters. With SA’s support it grew to over a kilometre. With close to 2,000 teddy bears attached to it.
It’s the longest teddy bear fence IN THE WORLD... But the head honchos have ordered it to be destroyed due to complaints.
To those very few who made official complaints to councils and governments. Well done. You have won !!!
Next time you drive past it will be gone. But at the same time the smiles of thousands of children will also be gone.
If you have time to go to all the trouble to complain about some Teddy’s on a Fence I reckon you’ve got too much spare time.
Granted the fence is in a high speed area but even suggestions to move it to a safer area are squashed by red tape.
I want to know your thoughts SA.
Should it be taken down ?? ❓