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Need better Badminton facility in CORE, Coppell, TX

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We, the residents of Coppell, TX, Badminton enthusiasts and users of gym area in CORE (Coppell recreation center) request you to provide a better Badminton facility.

Badminton game which demands strength, agility and precision has become a very popular game for many residents of Coppell. This is a non-contact sport which is fun, safe and healthy. Majority of the recreation centers within DFW area and many major cities across our Country now have Badminton facilities. Most of the universities across the nation have dedicated Badminton facilities. Many ISDs across the nation are also recognizing this game. Due to the popularity of this game, most of the recreation centers in DFW area are overcrowded. This game is a summer Olympic, full medal and the fastest racquet sport. According to the, around 11.1 million Americans play this game and the 1992 Olympic badminton competition was watched by 1.1 billion people. It is also mentioned that this game is the second most popular game in the world next to Soccer. Badminton game offers many health benefits. The website lists the top 10 health benefits of playing badminton game.

Following is the key information for an ideal Badminton facility:

- Court dimensions : 44 by 20 feet or 880 square feet
- Ceiling height   : Unobstructed ceiling height between 26 to 30 feet.
- Air velocity     : Less than 3 feet/sec or no air flow during Badminton game time
- Flooring         : vinyl impact absorbent covering or wooden strip flooring 

Coppell has only one Gym area which is mainly designed for Basketball sport. Few months ago, the flooring was replaced and four Badminton courts have been marked on the Basketball courts. Following is the current Badminton game open play time: Monday (7:30 pm till 9:30 pm) – 2 courts only. Wednesday (7:30 pm till 9:30 pm) – all 4 courts. Saturday (8:00 am till 10:00 am) – 2 courts only.

Unfortunately, there are several concerns in effectively using the current Badminton facility. These concerns have resulted in several of us to take membership in adjacent cities where there are better Badminton facilities. Unless we address these concerns, we will be deprived off fully leveraging the overall benefits of this game. Also, our children will certainly miss an opportunity to develop necessary skills to compete in USAB (United States Badminton Association) competitions. This petition lists the concerns and provides tactical and strategic recommendations for your review.

1.    The air velocity is very high in the gym area which is causing the feather lite shuttle (“birdie”) to drift in the air. Badminton World Federation recommends the air velocity to be less than 3 feet/sec. The drift causes unpredictability to the path of the shuttle which has a potential to cause minor injury.

Tactical recommendation: Make necessary adjustments to the air duct system so it blows air at 0.3 feet/sec or it is completely shut down for the duration of Badminton game time.

2.    Each end of all the four Badminton courts is obstructed by the indoor running track. The Badminton shuttles which are hit high towards those court ends land on the running track. This issue is resulting in not being able to play the Badminton game per the standard rules.

Tactical recommendation: Redraw all the four Badminton court markings so the running track doesn’t obstruct.

3.    Many recreation centers in adjacent cities have either Badminton only fee or extremely low annual membership fee. CORE membership fee ($250 yearly for single and $500 yearly for a family) is being charged to use the entire facility and hence the fee is very high for those who would like to just use only Gym area. This high cost is also influencing many Coppell residents who just want to play Badminton game to take membership in adjacent cities. Irving city charges $30 per year for Badminton only game time. Lewisville City charges $25 per year for Badminton only game time. Dallas City charges $20 yearly fee.

Tactical recommendation: Setup a separate fee for using the gym area. This is possible since the Gym area building is a separate building with its own entrance. This may require setting up a separate Gym membership card reader system installed on the entrance door or leveraging the existing system with minor modifications.

4.    Gym area has poor lighting. Per Badminton World Federation, the effective lighting system should illuminate the shuttle and court markings. Not all lights have the same brightness which is resulting in dark spots across the Gym area.

Tactical recommendation: Replace the current lighting system with LED lights which is pretty much the norm in many DFW recreation centers.

5.    Not all the four Badminton courts are made available during Monday and Saturday schedule. Due to overcrowding on these days, many of us end up visiting other recreation centers to have a better game time. On these days, the Gym is shared between Basketball and Badminton games. Since the separator screen doesn’t cover the sides, the Basketball sometimes gets into Badminton area creating a potential danger for an active Badminton player to get injured.

Tactical recommendation: Reserve all the four courts during open Badminton play time. This will also eliminate any potential injury for Badminton players by accidentally overstepping on a Basketball.  

6.    There is a lot of demand from Coppell Residents for more Badminton game time and better schedule. The current schedule on Mondays and Wednesdays starts at 7:30 PM which is too late. The Badminton open game time should start at 6:30 PM.

Tactical recommendation: Currently we have only 4 Badminton courts. There is a possibility to mark 6 Badminton courts. Two courts out of those six courts may slightly get obstructed by the center motorized Basketball hoop but at least these two courts can be fully utilized by children. This will assist to maximize the Gym area and to meet the increased demand for Badminton game time. Alternatively, City can leverage any available minimally used public building with high ceiling to have a dedicated Badminton game facility.

7.    Badminton is a high impact sport. The recommended flooring should have vinyl impact absorbent covering or wooden strip flooring to avoid injury to the knees. The current flooring in CORE gym is tiled and this type of flooring doesn’t provide the necessary cushioning effect for high impact sports like Badminton. The current Gym area is not designed for Badminton game and is not sufficient to meet the usage demands of Coppell residents. The current Gym area is being used for Basketball, Badminton, Volleyball and for various indoor training which is resulting in open game time scheduling issues.

Strategic recommendation: Coppell residents are very proud to have state of the art facility for Baseball, Tennis, Swimming and Basketball games. Adding a new Gym building which is designed for multi-sport activities will provide an opportunity for the City leadership to meet the needs of changing demographics of the city. 

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