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Stop killing your animals !

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Copenhagen Zoo is a famous zoo from Denmark. It's also known for killing its animals, especially babies.

Last February, zoo veterinarians shot a HEALTHY baby giraffe called Marius and cut him into pieces in front of children, pretending that "they were very fascinated by the wonders of a giraffe" while they were terrorized, just like their parents. They gave NO GOOD REASON for killing this young giraffe because there are no good reasons to do such a thing. Moreover, some people like a millionaire, for example, offered to give money to save the animal from this horrible death, and of course, Copenhagen Zoo refused. 

On March 25th, it happened again : four lions including two 10-week-old babies were put down for no good reason. They were all HEALTHY.

First, we should accept the fact that WILD animals were put in zoos, and now we should accept the fact that they are murdered ? WE WON'T ACCEPT THIS

We WON'T accept this kind of killing and if Copenhagen Zoo doesn't understand it, then we will do our best to make this massacre stop and that's the reason why I created this petition.

I know we can make a change together. Innocent animals don't deserve to be murdered this way. We will keep fighting for them against Copenhagen Zoo until the killings end. 




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