Psychologists & Psychotherapists calling for immediate climate action

Psychologists & Psychotherapists calling for immediate climate action

16. August 2021
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COP 2021 Politicians
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Warum ist diese Petition wichtig?

Gestartet von Georg Adelmann

We ask you to sign the letter below to the COP 2021 politicians who are about to meet in Glasgow, United Kingdom at the end of October.

It was written by members of the three initial signing organisations:
Climate Psychology Alliance
Psychologists / Psychotherapists for Future Germany
Extinction Rebellion UK Psychologists

We ask all NGOs and individuals working as psychologists and psychotherapists worldwide to sign the letter calling for immediate action based on hope balanced with concern, common purpose and cohesion as well as fairness and justice.

If you are an NGO related to psychologists or psychotherapists and want to support us by informing your members and adding your logo to the petition, write us via

If you are not a psychologist / psychotherapist you can still sign the letter to show your support for our message.

If you want to read more on why we care so deeply about the ongoing climate crisis, here are some details for further reading:

Contribution of psychology to tackle climate change
Dealing with common but depleting resources

The letter:

As international psychologists and psychotherapists we continue to call for urgent global leadership to protect the health, well-being and survival of current and future generations of all human and living beings.

As psychologists & psychotherapists we highlight critical factors regarding behaviour change necessary for tackling the climate emergency.

As human beings, we need hope to inspire action motivated by our valid concerns. Hope balanced with concern enables us to focus on what is needed right now and galvanise action. Leaders must be truthful and inspire hope by action while also being realistic about the disastrous consequences of inaction.

A common purpose will support our societal transformation. For there to be societal change we need society to experience a sense of cohesion. Focusing on the shared values in your political messages will help build that common purpose.

Alongside cohesion we require fairness to enable us on local and international levels to adopt the necessary transformation. Climate Justice is a moral issue and at the same time essential for dealing with this common crisis.

These principles - hope balanced with concern; common purpose and cohesion; fairness and justice - all employed by courageous leadership, will empower societies to make the changes required to tackle the climate emergency.

The world’s huge efforts to manage the recent pandemic has shown the importance and effectiveness of these principles. We can and do act well when we realise the urgent necessity.

Our plea is not to wait or hesitate. It is our societies & our economic systems which need to transform. The climate crisis will not wait for us. Our shared future is in your hands.

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12.517 Unterschriften:Nächstes Ziel: 15.000
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