Coos Bay Mayor and Chief of Police Must Resign

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On Saturday, June 20th, 2020, in Coos Bay, Oregon, a black man walking peacefully down the street was followed by a racist mob, who harassed, threatened, and assaulted the man physically. Starting with "merely" calling the man racial slurs, the crowd escalated first to threats, and then to physical attacks when the man refused to fight back or take any actions to defend himself. Even more concerning, though the man called out for help to passersby, none of them would offer any assistance, or even speak up in his defense against the racist mob that followed him.

But most concerning of all, there was a Coos Bay PD officer present during the incident, who also did nothing to intervene, even when the mob became physically violent. No arrests were made in the mob of violent racists, no citations were issued to them, no warnings were given - however, a passing motorist who stopped their vehicle to help the black man; the only person decent enough to even attempt to render aid to a fellow human being, was cited for failure to use their turn signal when they pulled their vehicle to the side of the road.

Even though this encounter is on video, in public, on Facebook and other social media platforms, the chief of police of Coos Bay has refused to take any action against the officer or against the violent racists who attacked a peaceful man in broad daylight on the sidewalks of Coos Bay. The mayor and city council have made a statement about how racism isn't welcome in Coos Bay - well, based on the actions of the city's police department, I'd have to say they're wrong. Racism is so welcome in Coos Bay that the officer involved didn't even attempt to hide his own overt racism, in defending the actions of the mob and refusing to even cite them for outright assault.

Racism is so welcome in Coos Bay, that it took over 24 hours of an incredibly racist slogan being painted on a fence, prominently displayed in a crowded residential neighborhood, for anyone to even report the incident to the police. The bus company, when they found a Swastika and a promise that the "third rises again" on their bus shelter called them "minor graffiti," and cleaned them off without even reporting the incident to the police. All of this during ongoing protests and calls for true racial equity around the nation.

The reason that racism is so welcome in Coos Bay is because of the leadership - the same leadership that has either failed or outright refused to take action toward true racial equity in our community. The leadership that constantly refuses to allow true recognition of the plight of Alonzo Tucker, because it would make them look bad. The leadership that has failed to do anything about missing-persons cases in their jurisdiction. The leadership that has routinely and systemically put our First Nations people at the bottom of the priority list.

I call on you now to join with me to stand up and tell the mayor and chief of police that enough is too much. We, the people of the city of Coos Bay and of Coos County cannot wait around any longer while they make pretty speeches and unfulfilled promises. More, I call upon my fellow business owners, community members, and leaders to boycott all businesses in Coos Bay until the mayor and chief of police resign, and the mayor drops his re-election campaign. There is no room for their racist ways in our community any longer.