Say NO to Vodafone Tower & Base Station - Coorparoo Qld 4151

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The Coorparoo Presbyterian Church (“CPC”) at 37 Emlyn St, Coorparoo Qld 4151 and the Presbyterian Church of Queensland, (“PCQ”) are considering entering a lease agreement with Vodafone to house Vodafone's mobile base station (power amplifier) on the Church's grounds.

The base station will support a mobile phone antennae tower to be erected on an existing Energex pole on the corner of Letchworth Rd and Emlyn St. The pole with the mobile antennae extension, will soar above the Church's steeped roof to an approx. height of 13m. 

The proposed Vodafone Telecommunications Facility (BCC DA No.: A004706854 - View Application Here) will impact upon the Church's neighbours and the surrounding community in the following ways:

- Individuals health and loss of 'use or enjoyment' of resident's land (increased radiation exposure, heat, noise, vibration, traffic from construction of, access to and maintenance of facility);

- Loss in property value;

- Interference with the Character of the area (all surrounding homes are exclusively pre-1946);

- Interference with the Church's Heritage Overlay which requires all development to enhance the cultural significance of the Church's Lot - a mobile base station does not comply with the Heritage requirement.

- Interference with the streetscape (both at ground level and airspace above homes);

- Interference with residents' outlook which materially harms residential amenity and living conditions;

Interference with the local primary school and kindergarten which are located 350m and 400m away respectively.

Petitioners request the CPC and the PCQ to:

Not enter, execute or proceed with a lease agreement or any other agreement with Vodafone or other telecommunication carriers or subsidiaries/agents for the lease of CPC’s grounds to house Vodafone’s or other telco’s base station / facility.