Let Them Off the Leash!

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My name is Maya Lloyd, I am 10 years old and I live in Randwick. I am writing this on behalf of my dog Toby and all the other dogs of Randwick.

Currently all dogs in Randwick Environment Park have to be on a leash. I have spoken to many dog owners in the Randwick Environment park. Lots of them have signed a hard copy version of this petition which we will present to Council. We believe that many dog owners and local residents would like be able to let their dogs run off their leash in a safe and enclosed space.

We would like to suggest that the area to the east of the Community Centre (between Dooligah Avenue and Lomandra Place) becomes a timed off-leash area for dogs.

We think that making a small part of the Park at certain times of day available for dogs to run off leash would bring the community together, including kids and families who like to play with their dogs and get fresh air and exercise in our local parks.

That’s why we are asking Randwick Council to change the rules for this small section of the Park and make the area off-leash before 10am and after 4pm everyday.

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