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Stop denying my baby his RSV shot

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Coordinated care health company sent me a letter saying that they are denying to pay for my 5 month old sons RSV shot because he doesn't have a congenital heart defect. My son has SVT ( super ventricular tachycardia)and WPW(wolf parkinson white) they are defects of the heart and if born with it its congenital. If I take my son of his medication he will die. Coordinated Care said its just an arithmia but its not, its a malfunction of the valve that makes the heart beat faster than it should. Because of his congenital heart defect he costs the health incurance company a lot of money and they don't want to pay for his shot because he's so expensive for them. If my baby doesn't get his RSV shot he could die because his heart is weak. We tried to appeal the denial but they still refused to pay for it. I am fighting this tooth and nail and I will show them that what they are doing is wrong and that its not fair to deny a baby something that could save his life. I need help to show coordinated care to stop being so selfish and give my baby his RSV shot.Please help me by signing my petition to show them that they should stop denying my son his shot.

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