Remove personal titles from government documents

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Currently, government documents prompt people to use personal titles such as Mr., Miss, Mrs., and Ms. when completing forms. The use of personal titles is rooted in a patriarchal system, as there is a difference between the way women and men are required to define themselves. Men have one option Mr. while women are still required to define themselves based on their relationship status and age. Miss is used to define young girls, while Mrs. is used to define married women and Ms. or ma'am are used to define older women. There actually is not a proper title to define a young or middle-aged unmarried woman because this type of language dates back to a time when women were married off as young girls. Language is an expression of culture. It shapes the way we think, therefore its impact on people is subtle yet powerful. There is countless evidence throughout biology and psychology that we are mix of both nature and nurture. Language and culture are part of the nurture that helps to grow and shape individuals, who then reinforce culture norms and values. Every time a woman fills out a form that requires a title she is remind that she still lives in a world that supports the oppression of women through a lack of gender equality. Furthermore, personal titles are not inclusive of trans, gender queer or non-binary people. Personal titles reinforce that the government only views gender as binary and therefore disregards an ever growing demographic of people who live non-binary lives. What purpose do personal titles really serve? I fail to see what benefit they provide to any organization. It is time our government makes a gesture to women, trans and non-binary individuals, to see us as autonomous humans capable of defining ourselves opposed to being defined by our relationship status. If this petition can remove the use of personal titles from government documents, I am confident that organizations and business will also move to remove this archaic, unnecessary and oppressive practice. This petition won't change the world, but it will move our society one step closer to being inclusive and empowering for all its citizens.