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I Stand With Survivors: Members of Cook County who pledge to support survivors.

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By signing this pledge, you are sharing your voice and support for survivors of sexual assault. Upon seeing this pledge, survivors of sexual assault can become more aware of the support the Cook County community has to offer them. 

Believe Their Story. 

Survivors  of sexual assault face difficult barriers and stigma associated with sharing their story. If someone discloses they are a survivor of sexual assault, use supportive statements such as, "I believe you." "It's not your fault." "Thank you for trusting me." "This must have been difficult to tell me, thank you for sharing with me." 

Let Them Decide. 

Survivors of sexual assault may or may not decide to seek resources or involve authorities. It is their decision how to handle their situation. You can be supportive by offering to call Violence Prevention Center together. If they don't want to, remind them that you are there to support them in the way they are needing support. 

Avoid Judgement.

Survivors often feel ashamed and embarrassed about what they were subjected to. Society and the media have constructed biases and judgements around sexual assault. Remind survivors that it is not their fault. No matter what they were wearing, where they were, what they were doing, or who they were with, they did not deserve to be sexually assaulted.

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