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Demand the resignation of County Attorney Tim Scannell

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In September of 2012, County Attorney Tim Scannell admitted to a relationship involving kissing and touching a minor girl. Scannell was the girl's tennis coach, guitar teacher, and longtime family friend. The girl went to prom with his oldest son. Scannell is 47 years old and married with two sons. After admitting the relationship to the girl's parents, Scannell promised he would stop his relationship with the girl, but continued through December 3, until a restraining order was signed by a St. Louis County judge ordering Scannell to stay away from the girl and her family.
As shocking as this relationship is, more shocking is the County Attorney's claim that he has not done anything illegal. Legal or illegal, it is morally and ethically wrong. The County Attorney is elected to serve the community and protect the rights and well-being of its citizens. He has failed. Scannell’s actions are the same as those of the people he prosecuted as county attorney. He is to be an ambassador to his community and should be held to a higher standard than that which is technically illegal. How can we trust a hypocrite to morally or ethically represent the best interests of his community?
Because Scannell is an elected official, there are very specific rules about how he can be removed from his position. A recall election petition will be time-consuming and costly to the citizens of Cook County. However, by signing this petition, you can help in the efforts to demand his resignation. Anyone is able to sign this petition, whether you are a resident, landowner, visitor, or simply someone who wants to send a message that Scannell’s behavior is not acceptable, especially as an elected official.
For more information, simply search “Tim Scannell, Cook County” on the Internet. Thank you for your support.

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