Support grass roots football in llandudno

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For the last 2 years 3 llandudno senior football sides Albion,amatures & Athletic

Have been working to have some alterations made at the oval to facilitate the progress the clubs have made 

In order for these clubs to continue to play at there current levels sadly just a pitch with goals is no longer enough

We have asked for permission to install a temporary barrier around the pitch this is a requirement at any level of football from next season 

As well as a temporary dugouts again a minimum requirements for 2020-2021

This has been a 2 year process and still we have got nowhere we have made it clear that the clubs will foot the cost of all this development  and all we require is the green light however we are still no closer than we where 2 years ago

We have aslo been proactive in trying to reintroduce the pitch at trinity avenue but it appears the councils value the area more for dog fouling than football fouls

For many years the oval has been neglected and is in poor condition which is really sad to see 

The alterations would be for the benefit of all youth and junior sides also and will  safeguard the oval in many ways 

Did you know ?

wales have only ever played home games at 15 grounds in wales and other than the racecourse wrexham the OVAL is the only other in north wales  where football is still played and 3rd oldest of the 15 grounds 

This is now at risk 

Please support grass roots football in the town to enable future generations to enjoy the oval and football for years to come