The pa supreme court's recent decision has sided with the predator no registry requirement

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Muniz case that our Pa supreme court has called unconstitutional to the predators has allowed my daughter's predator to get only probation and no REGISTRATION REQUIREMENTS...none. This decision voted on by majority of affluent white men,is set to limit restrictions on current registry predators and limit the amount of years a predator has to register.  The ruling also states that if the sexual abuse occurred before the new Megan's law requiring stricter rules, that retroactive criminal charges can not be applied to the new Megan's law tougher requirements that was enacted in 2012. That it's unconstitutional to retro back any sexual abuse crimes and apply the new Megan's law tougher requirements to that conviction. So in other words, say your daughter was sexually assaulted by her bus driver at 7 and 8 years old and the crime occurred in 2008, but child was scared and ashamed to say anything, than in 2015 when she is old enough to realize what he did to her was wrong, she reports the abuse and realizes there was another girl the bus driver molested years before. That the mother reported that crime, but because it was before the new Megan's law  requirements to report any abuse of a child, that the school district and bus company swept it all under the rug and made the conscious decision to allow him to drive bus and have unrestricted access to little children including my baby girl Amanda. Now let this sink in, please. This predator who molested 2 elementary school girls not only gets only 2 years probation, but because of the new Muniz decision has been released from any further requirements and will be free and clear to have unrestricted access to little children. We need to hold these predators accountable for their crimes and protect our innocent children from further fear and harm. There's no statues of limitations for murder or any other violent crime, why not the same across the board and get rid of this Muniz decision? My fears should be your fears if this decision is allowed to stand. Ty. And this is my daughter's voice as well as mine. For this story is not fiction, we are living this nightmare now. I need your signature and voice to stop this.  This decision needs to be overturned.  This will only cause more fear and axiety to the victims.  It will also hurt the victims who have not come forward yet. What message is this decision sending to them.  This decision can not be justified.  Please help me to get this ruling overturned here.