Online examinations

Online examinations

6 March 2022
Petition to
Controller of examination Indraprastha University New Delhi
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Why this petition matters

Started by Phoopa Phool singh

Respected sir, 
This petition is on behalf of all the delhi students and outside delhi students currently studying in ggsipu, who have been attending online classes for more than 2 years. More than half of the semester of this current year has also been taken online and the students have been habituated to the online mode of study.
As we all are aware of the current situation across the country and world, the entire education system was moved to an online mode and the students faced various technical difficulties in studying with the same. Most of the students also missed their classes due to the unavailabilty of internet or the technical means required to attend classes online and have missed a major chunk of the syllabus. Therefore, we request you to conduct out examinations for the current semester in an online mode.

Points to be noted. 
1. Our semester was only conducted for 3 months.
2. Some students who are outside delhi have recently joined the college and haven't had enough time to cope with the studies. 
3. The students are out of practise of giving offline exams and it will be unfair to have classes conducted in online mode and exams in offline mode.
4. Other colleges like DU are having online open book examinations due to the same reason.
5. The semester is about the end and the syllabus is being rushed which is making it hard for the students to understand.

For the aforementioned reasons, we would request you to conduct online exams for the students and give us a fair chance to write the examination. Kindly help us in this situation.
Thank you. 

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Signatures: 63Next Goal: 100
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