Anomalies while issuing ePPOs of Air Veteran

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Respected Sir/Madam,

I would like to draw your attention towards anomaly in fixing pension in recently issued ePPOs to Pre-2016 Air veterans especially in the rates of Classification allowance.  
As per 7th CPC recommendations, the Classification allowance has been revised to 2.25 times (Appendix A). Following it, the Classification Allowance of Naval veterans has been revised by 2.25 times (Appendix B) but for Air veterans it has not been revised (Appendix C). In the recently issued EPPOs, the Classification allowance has been taken at old rate and accordingly the arrears are being paid.
It is requested that matter may be reviewed and necessary corrections may be made in e PPOs for correct amount of classification allowance as per recommendations of 7 CPC.

Thanking you. 

Sgt Englesh Ranjan (Retd)