Contractor Bill of Rights: Insurance Carrier Abuses!

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WE are the 783,000 Contractors of the United States who rebuild, repair, restore residential and commercial properties across America who make the 138 Million American property owners “whole again” after large storms and catastrophic events within the insurance restoration industry.

WE, the Contractors, and the Property Owners we serve, have experienced a long train of abuses by a large number of the 2,538 insurance carriers in the Property/Casualty sector. Practices which include denying and underpaying claims, inducing contractors in underfunded claims causing unnecessary cash flow constraints, and putting thousands of small contractors out of business each year. Practices which include the use of slander and tortious interference of contractual rights to force or induce Contractors to proceed with work on underfunded claims. Additionally, these carriers and their agents are pushing and passing state lobby laws to pass unconstitutional statutes and regulation which violate free speech and many premises of a free market economy, fixed price schemes, as well as collusion amongst large carriers in the market on policy language and practices in the claims process which hurts Contractors, and ultimately negatively affects 138 Million property owners across the United States.

WE are not attorneys or public adjusters, but understand the basics of a free market economy and know our Constitutional rights not only as Americans, but as small business Entrepreneurs.


WE demand that the following abuses and basic rights be addressed both as American Citizens and small business Entrepreneurs who are essentially responsible for rebuilding America and making Property Owners (Policy Holders) “whole again" after large storms and catastrophic events:

INSURANCE CARRIERS discontinue monopolistic price-fixing behaviors which follow similar patterns and policies to keep pricing down, omitted line items, and a system that forces Contractors to use a price-fixed system vs. price based on the laws of supply/demand and a free market economy.

INSURANCE CARRIERS discontinue the use of Slander/interference of contractual rights by the carrier and the agents to property owners whom already signed contracts with a Contractor when that Contractor does not bow down to Carrier forced and fixed price system, which again violates the premise of price and entrepreneurship in a free market economy.

INSURANCE CARRIERS discontinue the “across the board” manipulation and common procedure of underpaying claims, omitting estimate line items, not paying GC O&P, and even inducing policy changes which are almost identical amongst a small group of market controlling insurance carriers, monopolistic behaviors affecting both Contractors and millions of American Property Owners.

INSURANCE CARRIERS discontinue the practice of using a select few 3rd party engineers, consultants, boilerplate reports to deny and underpay claims of projects Contractors are attempting to repair with Property Owners (Policyholders).

INSURANCE CARRIERS discontinue the practice of using attorneys, lobbyists to pass unconstitutional state statutes which attempt to silence contractors violating free speech, dictate the language of our contracts, silence contractors from discussing pertinent scope, price and coverage issues with their property owner pertaining to their project, and/or discussing their price with the carriers or their agents to negotiate, discuss scope, method of repair, negotiate, get payment, disbursements, etc. in order to complete jobs, pay their bills, and continue to function as a business.

CONTRACTORS WILL exercise free speech to talk and discuss any and all matters related to their project repair, estimate, scope of damage, code, pricing, method repairs, safety or code related issues with both property owners as well as any agent of the Insurance Carrier without fear of fines, tortious interference, or loss of income or imprisonment.

CONTRACTORS WILL determine and issue their own price (at fair market pricing) for a given restoration or repair project to an insurance carrier and not be bullied or face fear of slander or tortious interference of contractual rights by the insurance carrier when not using a monopolistic force-priced system or underfunded claim.

CONTRACTORS WILL not be forced into a monopolistic fixed-price system induced by the carriers, forcing them into low margin projects and jobs, hurting their cash flow, profit margins and ultimately negatively affecting millions of property owners nationwide.

CONTRACTORS WILL bill and get paid by the insurance carriers for the work they do in a timely manner within 30 days of completion.

CONTRACTORS WILL bill and paid for GC 10% Overhead and 10% Profit whenever using any subcontractor, not when the insurance carrier “feels a job or project is complicated” to pay it, often denying, omitting, and underfunding the claim, and putting contractors out of business on forced low margin jobs.

CONTRACTORS WILL receive their name jointly on the issuance of any checks or disbursements (once contracted to begin the project and/or finishing the project). Medical Doctors get paid directly by carriers, Automobile collision centers get paid directly by the carriers. The Contractors in the Property/Casualty sectors should be treated the same. This will greatly speed up timely payments to Contractors, improving their cash flow and thus their ability to pay their bills, rebuild and restore more jobs and projects, and continue as a business.

CONTRACTORS WILL be paid for code related issues without unnecessary delays, or requests to provide erroneous data to the carrier dragging out the approval and payment process. Contractors will speak openly to Carriers about code related issues and their price, method of repair for such things, and not told they cannot talk about it due to policy. Violation of free speech creates an inability to complete jobs in a timely manner.

CONTRACTORS WILL be paid for safety related items, requirements, and other on job sites and projects when they bill for it without unnecessary delays, or requests to provide erroneous data to the carrier dragging out the approval and payment process.

CONTRACTORS WILL not be forced to provide proprietary information like supplier pricing, subcontractor pricing and other internal sensitive information to any insurance carrier or their agents.

CONTRACTORS WILL be paid promptly with their name on disbursement checks, or direct deposit, for any emergency repair work, and/or completed work.


We intend to create national awareness on a public, political and consumer level. We have launched an online petition and website to educate 138 Million property owners across America of what’s going on with their policies, as well as the practices of some of these insurance carriers. We also intend to educate and involve politicians at the local, state, and federal level to get involved to create change.

Any insurance carrier that acknowledges a “mutually agreeable” Contractor Bill of Rights will be recognized publicly as such, through our growing social media channels to both Contractors and Policyholders nationwide, as an insurance carrier that has agreed to work in a proactive and positive manner with Contractors and their Property Owners.

Insurance Carriers that continue to pursue monopolistic business practices that hurt Contractors and ultimately negatively affect 138M Property Owners across America, and continue to violate free speech and many other factors in a free market economy will be exposed for these practices, and pursued legally by our growing collective group.


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