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Contra Costa is at a crossroads and can either cling to past habits and perpetuate the revolving door that has given California one of the highest recidivism rates in the country or Contra Costa can implement strategies with broad community support which have a proven record of improving community wellbeing. Contra Costa  also has the second highest rate of unsentenced jail population in California (85% of Contra Costa's jail population is unsentenced) and the highest rate of immigration arrests by county in the San Francisco Bay Area. We as a county must collectively say no to jail expansion in Contra Costa and say yes to seizing the opportunity presented by realignment to transform the way we address crime, public safety and rehabilitation. Lets work to build a new Contra Costa, where families are not separated by detention and deportation and where all people have educational and job opportunities.

See our Fact Sheet on Incarceration and Deportation in Contra Costa County:

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Letter to
Contra Costa Sheriff David Livingston and CCP Committee
CCP Committee
I just signed the following petition addressed to: the CCP Committee and the Contra Costa Sheriff David Livingston.


Stop the Proposed Jail Expansion in Contra Costa County

Dear CCP Committee,

We, the undersigned residents of Contra Costa County, hold a shared belief in the sacred value of family and the power of restoration and healing. As community and faith leaders, we urge you to support the growing coalition of community groups throughout the county who are calling for the AB109 budget to include:

- No jail expansion

- An end to ICE holds

- Full funding of the Community Advisory Board budget (including a first-stop re-entry center and comprehensive employment and housing services)

- Pre-trial sentencing reform

- Alternatives to incarceration (including community service, house arrest, ankle bracelets)

We believe this is essential for fulfilling the spirit and legislative intent of AB109, namely to use evidence-based practices and community-based corrections programs to reduce recidivism, reduce incarceration rates and improve public safety.

We cannot afford to continue the failed policies that have led to such high rates of incarceration and deportation and has led to the loss of life and separation of families. We urge you to do the right thing.