Stop the infringement of landowner freedoms on Agricultural land in Contra Costa County.

Stop the infringement of landowner freedoms on Agricultural land in Contra Costa County.

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Contra Costa County Department of Conservation and Development has developed a preliminary working draft to amend the agricultural land use policies. This will effect All AG zoned land of all parcels sizes.

Most of what they are doing is good however some is NOT good.

This Petition is directly related to policy implementation reform item # 9. NEW EFFORTS TO AVOID/ADDRESS RURAL BLIGHT.

This item intends to have the county regulate what personal belongings land owners can have on their properties.

The indication is to have the AG zoning more aligned with the residential zoning that people in subdivisions must abide by. I don't know about you but I moved out of town to the country so I didn't have to worry about all that.

Specifics of the issues that need correction with Item #9:

OFF ROAD VEHICLE TRACKS. (Dirt bike & quad trails. If the intent is to ban motocross tracks this should specifically state Motocross tracks. Off road tracks/trails are necessary for the maintenance of the land and should not be barred.)

STORAGE OF NON AGRICULTURAL ITEMS: BOATS, TRAILERS, VEHICLES, STORAGE CONTAINERS. (This means you will not be able to keep your boats, Hot rod projects or Travel trailers stored on YOUR own property this should be removed)

ANYTHING LEFT IN A STATE OF PARTIAL CONSTRUCTION OR REPAIR FOR AN UNREASONABLE PERIOD OF TIME. (So that fence, garage or home addition you are building slowly cant do that anymore - Note that it is left open ended and vague what they consider to be an unreasonable period of time. Is this to be 3 months or 3 years?)

OTHER ARTICLES OF PERSONAL PROPERTY THAT ARE ABANDONED (What does that mean. It could be up for complete interpretation based on a the opinion of your complaining neighbor or code enforcement personnel. This could mean anything that you own. Besides if it is on YOUR property how could it be abandoned and what do they define as abandonment?)

WEEDS OVER 18 INCHES ON PROPERTIES LESS THAN 5 ACRES (So in February when its raining cats and dogs and the weeds grow 18" every 12 days you MUST figure out how to get them down despite the reality that its so muddy your not going to be able to get your tractor out there to get the job done because it will get stuck in the mud - Say hello to doing all 5 acres by hand with your weed eater twice a month. WHY is this necessary - Well because apparently FORM over FUNCTION is now more important on AG zoned land. They care more about the aesthetics than the logistics. Contra Costa fire protection district weed abatement code is May 31st the weeds must be cut. Why do we need an additional and more ridiculous regulation when this is already being regulated. This should be removed)

ACCUMULATION OF NEGLECTED EQUIPMENT OR MACHINERY (So what constitutes neglected? This is completely vague and wholly up for interpretation. I am pretty sure just about every farm/ranch has a few ancient pieces of well worn  rusted equipment or machinery that are barely hanging on but still serve some usefulness in the management of the land and would cost a fortune to replace with new equipment. Why should form over function be more important than maximizing the financial sustainability of land management)  

What I see as an appropriate correction to all of this: The county should be very specific about time frames and not use open ended phrases like unreasonable period of time. They need to specifically define what it is the county means by the following words - accumulation, neglected, abandonment, anything, other articles. Do away with the part on weeds let the fire protection district deal with this as they already do. If a boat, trailer, car, rv is registered they should not tell landowners they cant have it on their property. Storage containers should be permitted. Off road tracks are necessary for land maintenance the county needs to understand the difference between motocross and off road tracks/trails.

Link to Preliminary draft:

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