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Continued Justice For Malteeney Taylor

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Paris Knox was convicted of first degree murder and sentenced to 40 years for stabbing Malteeney Taylor to death on May 21, 2005. Recently Paris has won her appeal. Paris tried to plea self defense, then insanity (being bipolar) but those attempts were denied. Now I guess the third time is the charm. Paris won her appeal due to “Battered Women’s Syndrome” The State’s Attorney has made a deal supposedly on the behalf of “Malteeney” (Not his family) due to protecting themselves from a possible lawsuit because of an evaluation mishap. Paris has an Organization called “Survived and Punished” supporting her. This is very concerning on many levels. This organization chose Paris, the aggressor, after she damaged property, left threatening voicemails, threatened to harm her own child to get Malteeney to show up, and even after she told a guy she was dating “I’ll kill you like I did my baby daddy” Paris is NOT a victim she is a murderer and she deserved a first degree Charge and a 40 yr sentence. 

It saddens me to read online about Paris Knox. Saddened because she is portrayed as a victim & not a murderer. Paris Knox killed Malteeney Taylor who was my fiancé and is the father of my child. I was a witness on this case and I personally dealt with her verbal abuse, her damaging his property as well as mine and most of all the recorded threats that she left on voicemail stating how she was going to harm Malteeney. Paris taunted us the entire day and finally called and threatened to harm her own son to finally get Malteeney over. Malteeney tried to save his son from harm. He is the real HERO. Paris came down from her 3rd floor apartment with a knife and stabbed Malteeney over 10 times which resulted in his death. Stories are surfacing saying Paris was holding her infant son, that’s untrue, Emari (her infant son) was left in the apartment ALONE. Also there is NOT a paper trail (filed reports) of Malteeney ever abusing Paris. I’ve known Malteeney since the 8th grade and he has NEVER laid a finger on me. I contested to his character. We were living together and expecting a child. I’ve never seen him more happy and driven with life at that moment, and just like that it was all over. Paris claimed self defense after being the aggressor (autopsy report showed Malteeney in defensive state) and was released a day later. Paris was picked up 2 months after for threatening a guy she was dating saying “ I’ll kill you like I killed my baby daddy” & yes this is ALL public records that’s why I’m appalled that research wasn’t done before this “movement” chose to support her. I am a mother I have to protect my son & his brother Emari (Paris Knox’s son) they don’t deserve to one day read these bad things about their dad. These young men have a bound they love each other & are planning to attend high school together soon. So much would change if Paris gets released. A lot of our future plans may no longer happen for these brothers. How would we possibly go on feeling safe again? They are the living legacy of Malteeney Taylor, a son, father, fiancé, brother, cousin, Nephew, Friend. Malteeney served our country and was a smart, loving, family oriented, god fearing man. Whom I loved and miss dearly. Our lives were affected tremendously and not a day, hour, min goes by that we don’t think about him. He was robbed of life, fatherhood, and so much more. I don’t question god’s plan but for years I was in a dark place. I had to take the stand and be questioned and reminded of the the worse day of my life for the the duration of her trial. Paris went from self defense (that didn’t work) to being bipolar (that didn’t work) then to “Battered women syndrome” (Bingo that worked) our family has put faith into this system that is now failing us. We were lead to believe that “Justice” was served. Paris was convicted of first degree murder and sentenced to 40 years. We were beginning to feel safe again and now we don’t. Our faith in our system is lost. And due to the STATE’S mishap we are here. How fair is that to us. Does this person sound like she was “survived and punished” You don’t have to believe me but my story has a paper trail behind it, did you do any research behind hers? I have forgiven but I will never forget. If Paris served at least half of her time (20 years) and appealed due to learning from her mistakes I would respect her more, but to live this lie worries me. Has she really made up, thought, believed, lived this lie for the last 12 years. Is is placing blame on the true victims? Will she seek more violence against our family? Many questions come across my mind and I can’t seem to be at ease now. This is my truth and I just felt the need to finally publicly tell it.

This may be a long shot but it is us NOT GIVING UP. Your signature would show that we (Malteeney’s family) care and will try all outlets to protect our family. We want the Honorable Charles P Burns who tried Paris during a bench trial and granted her a lessor charge of 2nd Degree Murder (which she will be released this Friday 1.26.18) to overturn/review his decision so that Paris can continue her 40 yr sentence. 
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