Continue the weekly rubbish collection NPDC

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Rubbish pick up has been weekly for many years and now they have changed it to fortnightly. Some see their over used term of "zero waste" as a good thing but we feel this change has gone a bit too far and unfair to people. We need to do something about this.

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"Fortnightly is a horrible idea and is going to cause a lot of problems"

"Rubbish bin being left for 2 weeks ewwwwww smelly. Food scraps you will need to put in bags then in the bin. Waste for us as we have a waste disposer in the kitchen. As for outside green waste bins would be amazing"

"I think this will cause alot more illegal dumping of rubbish on roadsides. How will large families who don't have transport, or the money to pay for additional bins get rid of their rubbish?"

"We have moved Here from Auckland, we had same 140 litre bins and were collected weekly. Our bin was always full to the brim every week with nappies and packaging from the supermarkets etc. We are big recyclers so nothing was put in landfill bin that wasn’t meant to . It will become a problem as people will end up dumping there rubbish at public bins and on the side of the road. I don’t know any other town in NZ that collects fortnightly rubbish"

"Zero ability to put out more when required, and using single use bins over single use bags seems to offer no long term benefit outside of the warm fuzzies."

"Jaysus that's the tiniest bin I ever did see"

"ok so what do we do with "excess rubbish"? Before we had red bags we could buy excess sticker labels for black bags......"

"Am I reading it right, small bin and collected ONCE a fortnight? That cant be right, can it?"

"At the rate of only being picked up once a fortnight you can keep ya bins and I'll keep using waste management"

"I need my general waste rubbish removed weekly an I need a larger bin (240 litre),I also have a larger bin for kitchen waste and garden rubbish( 140litre) and I dont want to change,if I do,I'm going to have two general waste bins(140litre),one to go out weekly one that will go out fornightly and still have my larger green waste bin (140 liyltre) this new change of the council isn't suitable for me like many others also maybe,I'd rather stay with the company's that I deal with now and yes I'm the rate payer for my home,So u can keep ur small green waste bin and you can keep ur 140 litre general waste bin"

"The bin is smaller than the cardboard bin .... & only gets picked up fortnightly?? . What about massive family's."

"Looks like I’ll be getting a skip bin every couple months my neighbors are gonna love the scent waiting for that to fill I predict this is going to cause residential trash mounds where people can’t afford to dispose of it and a raft of complaints to council about said trash mountains and will be overturned in 6 months to a year... the idea is sound the volume just isn’t going to work for families"

"the bins simply aren’t big enough three adults and three kids in my house and we put out to full bins and 3-4 red bags a week I can tell you now that bin will be full In 3 days max. No amount of effort is going to make a medium to large families waste fit in those bins it’s physically impossible this idea has been very short sighted in terms of larger families"

"just ssying but I recycle as much as possible, we put our food waste in a insyncerater and use modern cloth yet we still managed to put out atleast 2 bags the size of these bins is shocking. Reducing waste is a great idea but the amount you expect us to cut back by is ridiculous!!"

"And the fact that your only emptying fortnightly is unfair"

"Agree with afew other people on here what about people with larger families we will fill that in a week? So were are we supposed to put the rest of our rubbish??"

"I understand what you are trying to do but I already recycle as much as I can & all my food scraps go to my pets I have 7 people in my family so one bin is alot to ask also why should we pay a fee when we already pay rates"

"agreed! There is no way a big family can not minimize their rubbish as much as a 2-4person home. It's not fair nor hygienic.
This will cause maggots and pests having leaving rubbish and no doubt excess rubbish in homes due to nowhere to dump it or people with large families may not be able to afford to dump rubbish every other week, it just becomes another expense like everything else with not a big enough pay check to cover living expenses these days"


"Umm... I got my bin, and although for a family of 6, I'm ok with the size. But, please do correct me if I'm wrong; landfill aka(redtopbin) is a fortnightly collection? How does that even work?"

"We have 11 people living in our house. I was shocked at the size of the bin so I rang the council to request a second bin and was told we have to pay for an external service to deal with any extra. I support the idea but we need adequate bin sizes that reflect the number of residents in a household. I'm really unhappy and can see others have expressed similar concerns."


"The problem woth bins is if you need to put extra rubbish out you can't. ...unlike now where you can put out extra bags"

"With 120lt bins once a fortnight pick up isn't enough for large households, it should be weekly"

"The council has trouble understanding the meaning of consultation"

"it's impossible to go Zero waste so stop saying that. You are a bunch of morons if you think humans will suddenly stop producing waste."

"I dont want them,I'd rather stay with the company's I'm with that remove my rubbish ,it convenient and works for me,I need my rubbish removed weekly not fortnightly"

"I'm all for the recycling and better management of rubbish. My problem with the bin system is it doesn't give an option of putting out extra rubbish like we do with the red bags. I can buy extra bags and put out more rubbish. We are a large family and already overflow our plastics recycling bin fortnightly. Theres no way I'll reduce rubbish down to a 140 litre bin that's only collected fortnightly. Looks like I'll have no option but to have another bin with a private company. Just so many bins."

"So when people find these bins not big enough for fortnightly collection and they end up getting waste management bins how much of the pie do the council get out of that?"

"What happens if you have excess rubbish? There is no means to put out extra which will frustrate a lot of people. I know if I've forgotten to put the rubbish out, at the moment I can just put it out the next week. What is being put in place for any excess?"

"Yip. I appreciate they are trying to reduce waste but this is a bit over the top.."

"Who paying for pest control when the rats roll in !! And they will at the smell of food outside on every street corner!!"

"Landfill needs to be pick up weekly" "It's also I hygiene thing too"

"Because some households are bigger and will produce more rubbish which will mean if they're not picked up weekly it will result in an overflow at their house. just like what happens with people who have a good party on the weekend and have an overflow of bottles because the bin isnt big enough."

"i have 2 kids under 2 we already fill a whole red bag a week just with nappies that in summer is going to stink so bad"

"Why is landfill only fortnightly?" "but we go thru 3 a week what will we do with extra waste 2 kids under 2 in nappies being changed about 6-8 times in 24 hours each that bin will be full just with nappies"


"Still unhappy about the fact that waste is every two weeks. Everything creates rubbish, even more now that plastic bags and environmental green hippie bs is taking over"

"Oh what the red bags were every week but the red bin is every 2 weeks"

"General waste collection should be weekly I'll have to stay with waste management on the off week still"

"This is not acceptable! Bins are not getting emptied properly! Annoying! Also the red bins need to be emptied weekly! Every two weeks is just not working"

"Our red bin is already full and we still have another week till it goes out."

"Yup our red bin is completely full and we still have another week. Maybe if they gave us a bigger size it would work every two weeks but they gave us such a small bin. There is 6 of us!"

"It's bs! We would go through 2 red bags a week and I had my own food scrap bin and was also recycling so I don't know how they expect us to use 1 tiny bin a fortnight! It's not practical for bigger families!"

I'm not happy with those red bin sizes if they arent going weekly. Need to fight for this!

"It’s bullshit but there should ATLEAST be an overflow option, like buying the stickers for black bags like there used to be."

"So whanau like mine were there is a tribe, what do we do with the extra rubbish? We cant buy extra bags or stickers, so what do we do New Plymouth Council?? Shall we put it on your doorstep?"

"Totally agree with the red bins"

"I totally agree red bins need 2 be emptied every week."

"I think it a dumb ass idea"

"I so agree about the red bins!!! Red bags went every week, as many as we liked so why they think a smaller bin every fortnight was gonna be a good idea is beyond me. I just signed the petition for weekly bins!!! Sucks how it is now. Mines full and have another week."

"Yes I'm having to clean the food waste 5hat gets left in these bins, even with newspaper at the bottom it's still a mess and smells, and yeh red fill bin should be weekly"

I will say all the bins dont hold up to the wind very well, especially the food ones!

"Totally agree the food scrap bin is disgusting and our red bins weren't fully emptied last week and what about the plastic red bags � we were told to use them and now they are not getting taken when in the red bin, they were supplied by council so take them"

"Red bins gotta go weekly imo"

"I agree red bins need to be emptied weekly"

"These new council systems are poooo! So one week I put a "recyclable" coffee cup in. They pulled it out and left notes saying its not. Following pickup I had ones in there but different brand - Z coffee vs wildbean, they picked those ones up though and left a note saying "we randomly checked your bin this week and its perfect!". Since then I annually paid WM and I legit use the recycling large bin basically just for shit that wont fit in the WM bin � large cardboard packages, online shopping boxes etc lol, coke & milk bottles. Council system is crap."


"Yip I agree red bins should be emptied weekly"

"as a family with a bin full of nappies I totally agree - red needs to be weekly!"

"Yep I have complained about the two week pick up is ridiculous too. And well I don’t use the scrap bin as I compost."

2 weeks is too long as people are filling them up in a week.Need to be emptied weekly also they should be 240 ltr bins not the size they are.

They wouldbt evn take my rubbish last week bo note to say why i hd a red bib and a red bag so i left it there

"I argee about red bin mine was emptied last week and it is already full i have a whole week before its emptied"

"2 weeks ...too long...wait till the Summer heat starts cooking the ingredients..."

"I have just moved to town from the South Taranaki District. We have the red bins and recycling emptied weekly, Seems weird not to do that..."

"Yes red bin needs to be weekly."

"Yes. I agree. My daughter has 10 in her family home and 9 are kids. So you can imagine the rubbish . The bins are so small and to empty them fortnightly is bloody ridiculous"

Yea going from weekly rubbish where you could put multiple bags to fortnightly is crazy!

the system is rubish

I just hate how the rubbish gets picked up every 2 weeks, its dumb now... rather moan about the red bags cause at leaste my rubbish dont have to sit around for 2 weeks

Mmmm a fortnight of sweaty, smelly garbage emanating at the back door is sure to bring round the rats! Can't wait to see how much rubbish is dumped. Love NPDC and their ability to listen and make good decisions... said no one ever!

General Rubbish should be collected weekly not fortnightly, watch illegal dumping increase!!!

Red bin should be weekly! Not to mention bigger, having a family of 4plus its pretty hard to wait a whole fortnight, by the time that fortnight comes around the bin is almost filled the same day due to the waste we have collected over the week its not collected! And yes we recycle well...

My regular rubbish didn’t get collected last week so now I’ll have double the amount of rubbish and what’s a bet they won’t take it all cause it won’t all fit in the red bin.... a little frustrating �

I have a family of 7 we have always recycled,, red bin fortnightly is a joke it doesn't work for big family's ours is already full �

Yep we have 3 bins inside one for rubbish 2 for recycling and we have a food scraps sink thing � and still our bin is full within a week � don't know how the council thought fortnightly was a great idea!

Pretty sad tbh. I feel if pickups were weekly this would solve alot of issues.

this towns just to far behind, Council has almost screwed them selfs over with this system already starting off badly, especially with the food waste.

"did a test and two bags of rubbish does not fit in the new bin , and it needs to be weekly not fortnightly , but obviously a rugby stadium has top priority over the general population. I only found out this was going to be fortnightly reading this . I hope people get together and change it to weekly"

"Please tell me what im suppose to do with the extra rubbish? I can see it getting out of hand. I cant go paying an arm and a leg for the dump. Its no way enough for my big family"

The landfill, and food bins and the wind does not work so well, the red lids were all blown open, my landfill bin s lid is halfway broken off, caused by or wind or truck. picked it off the street.

"Was Very Happy with the rubbish being picked up every week. Don't like being FORCED into something I don't want"

This is a frigging joke. We pay so much in rates and our bins don’t even get emptied properly?! We have to wait another TWO full weeks for the rubbish truck and our bin is half full.

honestly, I got home and was like cool I’ll bring my bin in, then seen inside and was like what the fuck is this?!? It’s so frustrating. We’re trying so hard to keep our rubbish to a minimum but when they don’t even empty the bin how the heck are we supposed to survive. I already pay for my rubbish to get taken, I don’t want to be paying to take it to the dump.