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Update!! 5,000 Signatures: Less Than 400 Away From A Huge Milestone!

Cody Skidmore
Concord, NH

Jul 17, 2013 — [UPDATE] Jul 18, 2013. As of 9:30 am EST we received 5,000 signatures and just kept going. Again, thanks!

Thanks to all of you for your diligence. We are so close to 5,000 signatures. It will be a turning point.

I read the comments left on the petition. I encourage you to read them also. They're a source of strength reminding us how important TechNet is, and what a small gesture it would be for Microsoft to keep TechNet open.

We must articulate our case through strength and temperance. By doing so, we convince others to join us. Microsoft watches our numbers grow daily with each individual delivering the same message. Keep TechNet alive!

Finally, I must ask for a small favor. Please don't refer to me by name in forums, blogs, or news articles. Labeling this as my fight diminishes the hard work individuals do every day to keep us going.


Cody Skidmore
Twitter: @CodySkidmore
HashTag: #TechNet


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