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Why this petition matters

Started by Tia Chaitlal

We the Parents, of OUR children who fall under the Ministry of Education are requesting for the continuation of online classes until WE THINK it is completely safe for OUR children to return to the Physical Classroom.

Term three must continue online in the safety of the homes of our Children until the new academic year in September starts. By then, allowing approximately five months to pass, Parents would better be able to evaluate what is happening with the infection rates and deaths across the Country due to the Covid Virus. We all still have to be cautious and continue to monitor the statistics seeing that most of the Country's function resumed on April 4th, 2022. A decision made then, would make Parents feel more comfortable allowing their kids to return only when the numbers have dropped significantly, which would mean minimal risk of an outbreak, then they can now return without a mask.

The Ministry of Education has summoned our Children back to physical classes. The demands were brought across in a very harsh manner showing no compassion for the Children or the Parents. The concerns and opinions of the Students, Parents and Teachers nationwide were never considered, upon the Ministry making this decision. The Public Government Schools and the other Board Schools accepted the Ministry's decision in totality without any opposition. The conditions our kids are expected to endure are horrendous. Our kids are required to wear a mask for nothing less than 7 hours for the day in a hot classroom. There will be no social distancing. There is no guarantee of your child's safety, or that your child would not become infected, or if your child would still be alive. If you choose not to send your child to the School, the Ministry and the Authorities would be contacted. If you choose to home-school your child, your child's position in the school would not be held if you choose to return when you feel more comfortable to do so. The Ministry is basically backing Parents into a corner forcing them through fear, demanding their kid's presence in the classroom. We have seen many lives lost and affected severely by the Covid Virus. Please do not continue to allow the precious lives of our Children to be compromised.

Financially, alot of Parents are not capable of purchasing items for Children to return to the classroom on such short notice of three weeks. Parents have lost their jobs, no increase in salaries whilst prices throughout the Country are skyrocketing. It is even more difficult for Parents with multiple children returning to school. Parents have to purchase Uniforms (school t-shirts and pants / original uniforms), Shoes, Bookbags, Lunch kits, School Stationery, 3-Ply Face Masks, Hand Sanitizer, Wipes etc. The cost of transportation to and from School also has to be considered with the recent increase in fuel prices. The Schools, Board School Executives and The Ministry of Education did not volunteer to offer any financial assistance to such Parents.

The health and lives of our Children are at stake. If your child becomes infected and dies or acts as a carrier and brings the Virus back to your home infecting others in the household, no one from The Ministry is going to be held accountable. The PTA, Principals, Board School Executives, School Supervisors, TTUTA, The Ministry of Education and all interested organizations and parties should have listened to us Parents on our concerns and suggestions on this very crucial matter which depends on the health and lives of our children. They should have communicated with all the Parents to create a more feasible and comfortable plan as to when and how our kids can return to the classroom.

Our kids belong to us, not the School, not the Ministry of Education, not the Government or the System. We the Parents, have the right to express our views on such a critical decision that affects the safety of our Children which is of paramount importance. We have to, and must do what required of us as Parents. Each person must be allowed to practice their democratic rights as a Citizen of this Country engaging in dialogue concerning our kid's education, their health, their safety and the threat to their lives.

Parents, please sign this Petition. Thank you all very much. 


1,225 have signed. Let’s get to 1,500!