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We the parents of Rustomjee Troopers, who have taken the admission in 1st standard (2018-2019) by filling school’s online form as per the notification by the school, have the following grievances.We request an enquiry should be held against the school management.

 1) The same trust is run in different names by Rustomjee international school.

2) Donation: Donation in the name of one time nonrefundable registration fee of Rs. 50000 (Receipt no. 1) which amounts to capitation fees which is prohibited under the prohibition of capitation fee act 1987. We request an enquiry should be conducted for the same.

3) Admission fee for std. 1st: Inspite of the heavy donation paid at the time of admission, the school is charging us to pay Rs. 3600 (Receipt no2) towards admission fees for standard 1 admission. (Annexure I)

4) Books:  School is forcing us to buy books from them by paying additional Rs. 1350 (receipt no.3) which is mandatory. (Receipt no 2)

5) Uniform: It is mandatory to purchase uniform from a particular shop appointed by the school.  Price of uniform and PT uniform charged separately which is much higher than the market price. (Annexure II)

6) Computer Fee: Separate computer education fees amount Rs. 2200 which is mandatory. (Annexure III).

7) Late fee charges: School is charging Rs. 100 towards late fees even if the fee payment is delayed by 1 day (Receipt no3)

8) Other extra charges: Apart from the above fees, the school also collects annual day fees of Rs 1000 without issuing any official receipt. Also Rs. 200 collected towards class photograph without issuing official receipt. For Picnic Rs.  800 to Rs.900 are charged and again no official receipt issues for the payment. (Annexure IV)

9) Annual Fee Hike: We have been paying 10 percent fee hike every year since nursery.  (Annexure V)

10) PTA approval process: It appears from reliable sources that the fee structure for the 1st Standard (academic year 2018-19) has not been discussed and not approved by the PTA EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE.

11) Parent’s  Protest: As such more than 25 percent of the parents have signed and objected to the proposed fee hike which amounts to 30%  rise compare to last year 1st. fee, which is exorbitant and against the provisions of the law.  (Annexure VI & Annexure I)

12) Term Fees: The school has also increased the term fees from Rs. 2,575 to              Rs. 3,600 per term which is an increase of 40 percent. (Annexure VI & I)

13) School enforcement on admission fee date: Due to ongoing protest against the proposed fee hike, the school management is forcing the parents to pay an admission fee of Rs. 3,600 by 30th April 2018 which was 15th July 2018 prior to our protest. (Annexure I/ School email copy)

14) Online Admission form: We already filled and submitted online form for admissions in Class I (Google form)/ Annexure VIII)

 =========================== PRAYERS ==========================

We request yourself to consider the following prayers and instruct the school to follow the rules and refund the fees collected in excess:

 1)    Registration fees of Rs. 50,000/- since this amount has been collected in violation of the rules, kindly instruct the school to refund the same along with the interest and an enquiry should be held against the school management  as per the  prohibition of capitation Fee act 1987.( Government of MAHARASHTRA)

2)    Kindly clarify whether an admission fee of RS 3,600 is justified/ legal or not .The school has asked parents to pay the same by30-04-18. So a stay on the same be granted as the date of payment for the same was15-7-18 as announced by the school.

3)    The school be instructed not to make books uniform etc. mandatory to be purchased from the school or a specific shop or its agents. The same is against the provisions of the law and the Hon. Bombay High Court judgment on the PIL NO 2845 of 2002and it's order dated 10-4-2003.

4)    The school be instructed to stop collecting computer fee of Rs. 2,200/- which is in violation fee regulation Act 2011 /2014 as amended. We request the enquiry should be conducted for the same.

5)    The school is collecting fee of Rs 100/- towards late fee which is also in violation of the rules and GR NO 2201/341/2001 MA Shi 3. GOVT OF MAHARASHTRA dated 4th May 2002. We request the enquiry should be conducted for the same. The school shall be instructed to refund the amount collected in excess till date. The late fee amount as per the GR should be Rs. 1 per day.

 6)    The school has not been issuing official receipts towards the various other fees collected in the name of sports fees, picnic, annual day, photograph, charges etc.  An enquiry be conducted for the same and if it is found that the school management is siphoning of the unaccounted amount it should be refunded to the concerned parents and please instruct that the school issues official receipts towards all amount collected.

 7)    The school has proposed to hike taken fees and term fees for the year2018-2019 for 1st Standard from Rs. 40,625/- to 56,200/- which is 30 % of the previous year’s fees. The fees have been hiked without the consent of the PTA EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE and moreover more than 25. Percent of the parents are objecting the proposed hike.  Therefore the exorbitant fee hike shall be scrapped and STAY BE GRANTED TILL the COMMITTEE delivers its decision and parents be allowed to pay fees as per the previous years (2017-2018) fee structure.

 8)    The school has been hiking the fees by 10 percent every year since last few years. Therefore an enquiry be conducted for the same and if it is collected in violation of the rules, the same maybe refunded to the parents along with the interest.