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Stop polluting while waiting inside an idling care in drive-through lines.

Climate change is fact. A major cause is man-made carbon emissions, including those from personal and public automobiles. An idling engine emits as much pollution as a vehicle does when driven. Not being one of several cars in long lines at drive-through lanes is one positive act to help reduce carbon emissions. So please, commit to find a parking place and walk inside. Perhaps with commitments from many people, i. e., with many signatures on this petition, we can ask businesses to join us by offering an incentive to those who shop inside. A reduction of 5% before taxes might add up to mere pennies for consumers (just 25 cents on a $5 tab), but such an incentive would prove the business's commitment to reduce its carbon footprint, to live green, and to clean up the air we breathe. Together, we can make a difference so please stop your engines, especially during summer months when lines are longest.

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