Pay a fair price for tropical products to increase wages and protect the environment!

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Could you live without coffee? Do you like brown sugar in it? Or do you prefer chocolate? Are you crazy about avocados? Coconut water? Do you eat bananas? Pineapples? Or mangos, maybe?

As western consumers, we are accustomed to seeing tropical products in supermarkets and restaurants without giving much thought into all the effort that goes into getting them to us. For us to enjoy exotic products at a low price, multinational companies have implemented a cost efficient system that combines intensive farming and cheap labor in tropical regions of the world. In other words, the producing communities living in developing nations are paying for our appetite for low-priced luxury goods.

To ensure that western consumers won’t pay more than $4.00 for a pineapple, agricultural companies maximize their productivity, namely by using chemicals. Workers who are exposed to these toxic products are not fairly compensated for their hard and often health-damaging labor, while their environment is being degraded by deforestation, water extraction and land exhaustion. The likelihood of you buying food produced under unfair conditions is really high. This means that you have the power to push for a change.

We are not saying that we should stop indulging in exotic products, because our crave also provides jobs where economic opportunities are limited. But if we pay a fair price, we could alleviate the pressure on the communities providing us with these products. If you agree, please sign the petition:

I am willing to pay a fair price for tropical products in order to increase workers’ wage and reduce farming practices that are damaging their environment.