Eradicate funds for a future with fewer guns!

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Seven children and teens die from a gun every day. 1,297 children die annually from gun-related injuries, making guns the third-leading cause of death for children in America. Senseless gun violence has deteriorated the lives of all Americans but we are focusing on those who have not until now had a platform of defense: adolescents. One of the many roots of this gun violence epidemic is the NRA.

The National Rifle Association imbeds fear with the sole intention of selling more guns using social media propaganda, their own television network, over-dramatic rhetoric and aggressive lobbying tactics. Deep in the pockets of politicians, who fear to reform against their agenda, the NRA compromises our democracy and permeates corruption. Their mal-influence is not only limited to the government but also to the corporate world. If money is the sole concern and not the innocent lives being lost to senseless violence, we believe that as consumers, we have the power to choose what we spend our money based on our moral principles. Successfully boycotting even just a few of these companies will have a significant impact to force corporate leaders to cut their entanglements with the NRA. Once the NRA loses a substantial amount of support, it will be easier to implement common sense gun legislation that they so adamantly fund against. These gun regulation laws will have a widespread ripple effect, that will create a safe community for all persons.

For even those who survive their childhood who’s to say that they will live safely as an adult? Gun violence is not grounded to one location; whether you are attending a class, watching a movie at a theater, dancing at a local club, praying in a church or even resting at home, gun violence lingers in the shadows of our society and allows fears to manifest in our minds. We will not tolerate more innocent lives being taken in a matter of seconds.

Please take careful consideration to boycott the following companies and feel free to contact them to let them know it not okay to partner with the NRA

Apple TV Amazon Fire TV and Roku streams NRATV
VISA USA : member benefits partner (800-847-2911)
Hotel Planner : member benefits partner (800-898-1347)
Wells Fargo NRA's bank (866-878-5865)
Fedex : NRA business alliance discounts (PR Contact
Prudential Life Insurance Company (800-556-8527)
HotelPlanner : (800-898-1347)   

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