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 We want to get the service we pay for from our service provider Flow. As consumers the most our providers could do is give us our money's worth,  (what your paying for). Since the merger my Land-line phone has not worked properly and internet has been intermittent. Speaking with friends and neighbors, it turns out I am not alone. This seems to be an island wide problem. Slower internet, lack of phone service. I thought the merger would have given us better service instead its got worst my complaints are not dealt with. Although, customer service are polite and courteous they seem to be in a position where they cannot sort out your issues but just confirm that you must pay for a service your not getting each month on a daily bases without being reimbursed when you are not getting the service. I  thought that this merger meant better internet , phone service and customer care. But it just seems that my internet is slower and not reliable and  I have no use of my Land-line on numerous occasions. Please can you contact Flow and ask them why should I have to pay for a service that I am not getting properly. This practice that the consumer has to put up and be grateful with what ever service you are getting has to stop. It's not as if I can just change provider for my Land-line (I feel they have a monopoly).  All, I ask is to get what I pay for. Is that to much to ask for. 

I am complaining because for the past few months my home Land-line with static and broad band internet has been fluctuating/intermittent, slow speed and I've been having frequent internet outages, Land-line down and non service and  I'm fed up of contacting customer service at Flow and being told I have to continue making my monthly payments and will be reimbursed/rebated once the service is repaired. That's a joke.

Can you help! Why should I have to pay when, I'm not getting a good service from my provider. I'm still waiting 3 months later for a rebate of none service for 2 months . Why can they not put the rebate on the following month bill. Also, I am still waiting to here back from a Customer Services Manager at Flow to deal with my issues with regards to this problem and I have requested on numerous occasions to speak to a manager and have been told that one will call me back in the next couple of hours this has never happened.


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