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Does MRP means nothing for cafeterias of Theaters?

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We need to take some serious action against cafeterias of cinema theaters. Recently, we watched Baahubali and were shocked with the pricing of food items and water bottles. The rate of the food items that are sold inside the theater cost about 50 percent higher than the MRP rates. So, it means MRP means nothing for these guys? Or we are so fool that we don't really care about rates and letting these thugs loot our money?

Just a bottle of child water costs around Rs.50 and some food items are priced at Rs.70-140-200! And the most hilarious part is you get some popcorn at 300-400rs in theaters, which might cost you only Rs.10-50 outside!

Well, well, we know some of us can afford it but how about a salaried person who is watching film with his children and wife! they get thirsty or hungry and the guy already paid a huge amount for tickets and it's already going to disturb his budget? than? what he would do? feed his family or what?

We checked that there is a post about A man who filed complaint against INOX Movies unfair Trade Practices And Won The Case. (Link - )

So, all we need is we've to stop them from looting us. Our Hon'ble courts or consumer forum should take action against it.

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Shubham Jadhav & Jo Varghese

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