Justice for felony created by Flipkart seller.

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So this message I am writing is based on my recent experience with the problem regarding lenovo IdeaPad 520. The problem starts when I have ordered this laptop on 14th February 2018 the laptop arrived me within the next week and as it turns out they got a lot of problems in the laptop since I've ordered this laptop from Flipkart as per their replacement policy my laptop was replaced with the new one but in doing so I have gone under technical visit. The technician visit was conducted by Lenovo company and as it turns out lot of issues were discussed and solution what's given for the problem. The first issue was when connected to the adaptor on the edges what's the separating electric charge and the body was under vibration since the body is metal. The real issue was the adaptor which was 2 pin adaptor, in such adaptors the earthing provided so the technician arrived with a new adaptor and the problem was resolved. Problem like software issues wasn't taken care of and since the problem was arriving I went through a remote control access program conducted by the Lenovo team, in this lenovo has acknowledged all my problems and hence forth a new replacement was given to me. The new replacement product was delivered on 24th of march, at evening I again regarding the issues that were similar for the replacement product the team acknowledged it and give me a date that is 30th of March, when I called on this date the agent told me to wait till 4th of April and the resolution will be provided. When I spoke to the team on 4th of April they told me the resolution is service centre its awesome only one question why you people took so long time to give me this answer as a resolution and their answer was our seniors have decided this and they have cancelled my request from Lenovo team. Since I argued with them lenovo has contact me within the next few days technician visit was conducted as it turned out placement product as well as the original product basically a display model that we can find in showrooms these showroom models are then taken up by companies like Flipkart via seller who are the main culprit, I have a screenshot as you can see in the attachments which confirms that my laptop was operated before 24th of March. I have many more proofs like that which explain there are a lot of software issue. The Lenovo team has given me a statement that is issue replacement is possible, as far as software is concerned the company cannot give a guarantee as well as Microsoft also doesn't give any kind of guarantee seller is the sole for person whom we need to contact, well the seller this is all his help that can be provided by him to me and hence Flipkart I have ask they can help me still now I am nowhere show all who are reading this things from Flipkart and sellers who support Flipkart because your hard earned money down the drain I hope if  somebody is listening to this and I may get justice for the felony flipkart seller and who all involved in this.