Consultation for Parking in Martins Wood

Consultation for Parking in Martins Wood

13 September 2022
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Darren Nottingham (Stevenage Borough Council)
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Why this petition matters

Started by Kelv Mcmanus

Stevenage Borough Council have written to residents regarding their plans to implement parking restrictions in the Sefton Road, Ascot Crescent, and the wider Martins wood area of Stevenage. 

This will have dramatic negative affect on residents of the area, their guests, and parents of pupils at Martins Wood school who use the area for getting their children safely to school. 

Amongst other issues:

These proposals do not look at the root cause and appear to be the simplest option for the council to address the road safety issues parking in the area is causing enabling them to 'tick a box' and move on. 

No provision has been included for additional parking to compensate for the, already over subscribed, spaces the proposals will remove.

No consideration has been made for the residents of Giles Crescent who park in Martins Wood due to the restrictions on the car parks included, for them, when the flats there were built. 

Similar parking restrictions in Stevenage have been reported, by residents, to have resulted in drivers queuing for parking spaces, creating ill feeling, and in traffic moving faster around corners due to no vehicles being in their way. This has a negative impact on safety and the mental welfare of residents and road/path users.

This petition is to formally object to the council's current plan and request that they open a full and detailed consultation with local residents to find a viable solution that doesn't simply push the problem 'down the road' while residents in the newly restricted areas fight for even fewer parking spaces.  

The current proposal can be seen at: and the letters received carry a reference of: TPE/03/22-2/f

Please add your name to this petition so Stevenage Borough Council can see we formally object to their current proposals and we request they take more time to address the concerns of residents who will be left living with the consequences of their actions. 

Please also send any formal objections by email to Darren Nottingham: this must include your full name, address and reasons for objecting quoting ref:TPE/03/22-2/f. 

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Signatures: 214Next Goal: 500
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