Extending Proxy Voting Registration Deadline

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Proxy Voting enables an expat to vote in his/her home constituency, by delegating his vote to an appointed person of his choice in India. This is a long awaited justice done to right of voting among NRIs, where there was no prospect of voting at all till now.

But, the deplorable situation is that almost no one is aware of the fact that they have the provision of voting till now! While, it is a welcome move made by the government to enable expat votes, little have been done to spread this message among the expat population that only 1% (25000) of 8.5 lakh expats have registered in the system till date!

And to make things worse, the deadline for the registration is November 15th!

We implore the Consul General of India to extend the deadline as much as possible, and urge other media's to spread awareness, so that people take advantage of this benefit bestowed upon us.

Personal story
I am a member of a small online video channel named "Desert Expat Voice". We created a tutorial video on how to register yourself for online voting. Additionally, we thought of conducting a survey among the public about their opinion about proxy voting by interviewing them. But, to our shock, most of them were not even aware of proxy voting itself, save the deadline for registration!