Correct waste management

Correct waste management

2 January 2020
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Why this petition matters

Started by Leo Feaver

It amazes me that in this day and age of health and safety we must undergo strict training for the jobs we do. Driver qualification for vehicles, cscs for building sites, cpc for drivers etc etc but yet there is no guidelines or training for loading a skip.

Yes it's a skip. Chuck what you don't want in it and somebody will turn up and take it away.

That's true to a certain extent but how many times have you seen a skip which is higher than the sides?

They pay for a 6yd skip and load it like a 12yd using 2 sheets of plaster board to hold 2 ton of rubble in?

We've all heard that's ok drive, the other guy does it, you've got a net haven't you?

Ok yes we have but we're the ones driving down the road with it with people around us at all times be it pedestrians or motorists.

Yes it is the last collection of the day and you've arrived and see the aforementioned skip. 

Sod it it's only up the road it'll be alright. You load it on get the paperwork signed and off you go.

5 minutes up the road as you exit a roundabout the plaster board gives way and rubble cascades down from the top of the skip taking out whatever is to your right. 

It's no-ones fault but your own. You're the driver.

I started this petition to call for training for all those who use skips commercially such as building sites.

They're quick enough to pull you on any health and safety issue like hard hat high viz etc but refuse to see anything wrong with the unsafe loading of a skip.

I call for a course module to be introduced in the cscs on correctly loading a skip so it's not front or back heavy, level fills and nothing protruding from the confines of the skip.

It's never their problem when it goes wrong as that's down to us. 

It is down to them because they're the ones who don't take into account loads shifting during transit.

I think a good name for the module would be level headedness.

Yes it'll be moaned about but the 18 year old who is on his first day will know what to do while those who moaned about it chuck a 6 metre length length of unistrut in leaving half of it sticking out because it won't slide in anymore and his mate is beeping the horn because it's job and knock.

Please sign and share and let's get a level playing field or at the very least a level skip.

I thankyou all for your time.


Let's do this.


Skip drivers unite!

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Signatures: 32Next Goal: 50
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