Please reject the PL912 modification proposal of the Lower House

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Please reject the PL912 modification proposal of the Lower House

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UPDATE: On 25th September, 2013 Constitutional Court judge Petre Lăzăroiu, suggested that "the mass killing of stray dogs in Romania could traumatize the population"... then the entire place ruled to cull all dogs... and that the eradication of Romania's homeless animals - although it had been ruled unconstitutional in January 2012 - was now "constitutional"! Go figure!

On 25th of September, the Romanian Constitutional Court had an opportunity to define whether Romania is a country worthy of being called civilized or whether it should be consigned to popular perception of a country unworthy of being considered anything other than barbaric, mismanaged, corrupt and dangerous. They chose the latter.

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On 10th September, 2013 the Lower House of the Romanian Parliament voted PL912 to legitimise a 'catch and kill' policy for all homeless animals after 14 days, if not adopted. The terminology used was 'eradication'. Since this date media frenzy has been created because of the death of a young boy under what remains dubious circumstances. However the stray animals were blamed...

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The decision to allow euthanasia of ALL homeless dogs in Romania, was taken by the Romanian Parliament, totally ignoring that mass-killing of healthy animals is:

- contrary to the recommendations of the WHO (World Health Organisation); 

- that it contradicts their own Constitutional Court's Decision 1/2012 (that euthanasia is ILLEGAL as a stray dogs management method until all other solutions have been applied properly, uniformly and with responsibility by local authorities); 

- that it contradicts the WD 0026/2011 and the "framework"

- the European Council's Convention on the Protection of Pet Animals 

- any adequate human moral principles! 

AND, on top of all: 

- totally ignoring that, after 20 years of killing Romania's straying dogs, this method has proven to be ineffective!

"Interestingly", though, culling dogs can be very profitable. The President is therefore asking the tax payer to fund an expensive, non-evidence based, ineffective practice.

Former senator Marius Marinescu, current President of the Federation for the Protection of Animals and the Environment (FPAM) has challenged the approved law allowing euthanasia of ALL stray animals after 14 days if not adopted before the Romanian Constitutional Court and CCR will debate PL912 on 25th of September, 2013. They will decide between life and death of ALL homeless animals in Romania. 

In an non-corrupted country it would be absolutely normal and predictable that the Court will maintain its position stated in the Decision taken in January 2012. However, we do not know how big the political pressure over the Court really is and therefore we kindly ask you to sign our petition that sends instant emails to several members of the CCR. 

Thank you very much, in advance. 

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This petition had 24,042 supporters

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