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Torturing Animals for Public Entertainment is Wrong!

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It seems hard to believe that in this so-called civilised age, a most vicious and cruel spectacle of blood continues to flourish in countries like Spain and Colombia. Bullfighting is barbaric and should have been banned long ago, as bear-baiting was.

In the beginning of 2012 the mayor of Bogotá, Colombia banned bullfighting in the city which hosts the most famous bullfighting venue in Colombia (The Plaza de Santa María) which was then turned into a huge sandbox for children to play. This was a huge success story for environmentalists and people that care about animals and their wellbeing. But sadly ...

Today the constitutional court of Colombia stated that the mayor of the city doesn't have the power to stop bullfights because they are part of the culture and tradition of this country.

It's all a big business of slaying and torturing. Let's stop these big companies trying to make money out of torturing an animal in front of people celebrating, and set a precedent to stop future actions against animals.

Spanish television had to stop showing bullfights because they said " bullfighting is too violent for children to see".
Bullfighters, horses, bulls and staff get killed often in front of people watching this horrifying show.


It is difficult to understand how crowds of people will pay money and take pleasure in watching one lone creature - who has never done them any harm — getting hacked to death. How can anyone with an ounce of compassion, cheer and chant "olé" as a banderilla or lance is thrust into the animal’s pain-racked body?

Let's tell the government of Colombia and Spain to stop bullfighting and any show that tortures animals for entertainment. It is only a matter of time before this abomination ends, and bulls are allowed to live their lives in peace.

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