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Stop Bullfighting in Colombia.

The Bogota Mayor Gustavo Petro Urrego made the decision, more than one year ago, to disallow the use of SantaMaria Square for bullfighting. Unfortunately, The Taurine Corporation, has sued the Bogota Government and now the decision is in hands of the most important national tribunal: The Constitutional Court.
The power of the people who are behind of this death business is enormous and we are scared they will try to overturn this big step. International support is now more that ever necessary and urgent.

The Constitutional Court of Colombia

Honorable Judges of the Constitutional Court of Colombia: Mauricio Gonzalez Cuervo, Gabriel Eduardo Mendoza Martelo and Luis Guillermo Pérez Guerrero

Cordial and friendly greetings,

As citizens of a globalized world where collective expressions are increasingly connected, we ask that you provide support for the ethical and legal decision of the Government of Bogotá, to disallow the use of Santa Maria Square to perform violent shows, such as bullfighting.

We know that currently the Honorable Court is reviewing the Guardianship T-3758508, filed by the Corporation Taurine against Bogota District Administration, headed by IDRD, for revoking the contract of mandate authorizing them to usufruct the Santa Maria Square to promote bullfighting, despite the growing opposition to this show by the Colombian citizens and the millions of world citizens who advocate a dignified and respectful treatment of animals.

In this regard, we would like to validate the decision made by Bogota Mayor Gustavo Petro Dr. Urrego, who met with a popular mandate to protect the environment, for which he was elected, which would fully comply with the call made by the Honourable Court in its Judgment C-666 of 2010 to provide special protection for animals as "sentient beings".

Let it be noted that in this judgment the Court recognized the existence of a deficit in the existing animal protection Law 84 of 1989 which adopts the “National Animal Protection Statute.” It recognized that animals should be protected from disease, abuse and cruelty without justification and that as humans we have a moral responsibilty with regard to other sentient beings, It was on this basis that the Mayor made a decision to improve conditions for animals.

In its judgment, the Court developed a concept of "personal dignity" in which humans have a direct and significant relationship with animals and the environment in which they develop their existence. They also found that "(...) there is no more primary interest for a sentient being than not to suffer harm or abuse, and this should be the one of the core values ​​within a moral community that works and build relationships within parameters of the constitutional state”. Today, appealing to these advanced concepts of liberalism, we would invoke the Court commitment to human development and the welfare of society, from the dignity which it holds as a judge of the Constitutional Court, and that the decision taken by the Government of Bogota be respected in its autonomy and ratified in the fulfillment of the provisions of the said judgment.

We thus expect the Court to express not only coherence between the mandate of the Judgment C-666 of 2012 and the Guardianship, but, continue directing Colombia in the way of peace, equity and justice, through their decisions, safeguarding the right of all living beings to have a dignified life free of cruelty.

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