Calling for the removal of Santa Fe Mayor Alan Webber

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We, the people, are signing this Petition to have a recall election to remove Mayor Alan Webber from office.  Mayor Webber is not properly discharging his responsibilities to the citizens of Santa Fe and we have had enough.  We feel he is against his constituents and for the criminals.  Mayor Webber has shown nothing but disregard towards Santa Fe and it’s rich history by his actions in office.  In recent events, while vandalism is breaking out on our historic monuments and local businesses, he has done nothing to protect the City of Santa Fe.  He has allowed the vandalism and hate to continue without consequence.  Mayor Webber promised the citizens of Santa Fe a committee was to be formed to discuss the tension and division. His sneaky antics and broken promises have caused our beautiful and once peaceful city to be fueled by hate and destruction.  His speeches/press conferences reveal nothing but disregard for the citizens of Santa Fe. Mayor Webber has shown over and over that he is not capable of "running" the City of Santa Fe and is in fact destroying our beloved city and causing a devision that in a time of crisis or otherwise, is unnecessary. We, the people of Santa Fe are sick of it.  It's time we put a stop to it.